The development of novel,
    long acting insect repellent products

Formulation GlycoScience



There are concerns about the safety of synthetic insect repellents and duration of natural ones which limits its use, specially in Pediatrics. All have been developed against morning and evening-biting mosquitos whereas there has been a large increase in the spread of disease by daytime biters (eg, Ziko virus), particularly in developed countries over recent years. This has lead to a growing insect repellent market (7.7% annual growth, leading to a global market size of $4.8bn by 2022).


Develop a line of enhanced strength, water soluble, non toxic, non irritant, slow release, natural, organic topical insect repellents usable in pediatrics, in a very short period of time.



Use low-cost biocatalytic techniques to produce novel, enhanced strength, water soluble, non-toxic, non-irritant, slow release, natural, organic topical insect repellents by derivatisation of WHO approved natural actives that are inaccessible using traditional chemical methods. Formulate a product line of sprays, creams and lotions.

Use these safe products as a platform from which to later expand into other markets such as dual function suncream/insect repellents, insect repelling cosmeceuticals, insect repelling designer fragrances.

Target Market and Competitors

The global market potential is $4bn, EU is in the range of 500 million € and €30m in Spain alone.

Total Annual Growth Rate for mosquito repellents is 7’5%. While the spray formulations is over 10% and the main trademarks around 35%.

The main product in Spain is Relec (based on DEET), with a price of 8’85€ on street and overall sales of over 5 million €. Relec is a trademark of Omega Pharma, the Spanish subsidiary of Perrigo (USA Company).

Other companies in the Spanish market: CINFA (with the line Goibi®), ESTEVE (with Repel Bite®), FERRER (with Mosi Guard®) or Johnson (with AUTAN®) the leader in the worldwide market.

The market is limited due to the toxicology profile of the products, which limits use in Pediatrics and also the poor duration of its application.

The new line of products developed by GlycoScience will provide a new slow release (long lasting), increased efficacy, low toxicology and non-irritant (suitable for Pediatrics), natural and eco-friendly line of anti-mosquito repellents which will be the best available on the market.

Our objective is to achieve a significant market share in the main OCDE markets through license from the fourth year.


Long Term Objectives

GlycoScience will develop in parallel the industrial enzymes and know-how for the cheap production of glycosylated derivatives of other natural products with potential uses: new, safe and natural dual purpose designer products (eg, insect repellent/fragrances, insect repellent/cosmeceuticals and insect repellent/sun creams), use in industrial plague protection (agrochemical) and pharmaceuticals (antiviral, wound healing, dermatological, antiseptic).

Our Team

Dr Esteve Guardia - GlycoScience

Dr. Esteve Guardia

Former Founder and CEO of PLASMIA, a Biotech company based in Barcelona focused in industrial biocatalytic procedures. Member of the Advisory Board at Kinesys Consulting.

Physician by the University of Navarra, MBA by the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, with large experience in Licensing and Business Development at Almirall Laboratories among others, former founder and CEO of the start-up FARMATEC, a pharmaceutical laboratory based in Barcelona,  and currently assessor and Board member for some Pharmaceutical and Medical companies .

Dr Peter W. Sutton
R&D Director

Synthetic chemist by background, having academic experience in biocatalysis, synthetic route design and medicinal chemistry. Notably, within the McGuigan group he worked on the development of the protide technology now adopted by Gilead in their blockbuster hepatitis C drug Sofobuvir. He later gained industrial expertise within a small biotech contract research company before moving to GlaxoSmithKline to take up a specially created position for him within process development to introduce biocatalysis to the company. There, he played an instrumental role in promoting the adoption of the technology, resulting in today’s multidisciplinary, trans-continental Synthetic Biochemistry Team. Key achievements include the development of a highly selective biocatalyst and enzymatic process for the production of amoxicillin that is now run commercially on a multi-thousand tonne scale and an efficient enzymatic process for the production of a homopolysaccharide for cosmetic application. He has a number of patents, papers and book chapters to his name and is a world recognised industrial expert in the field, having also edited three books on the topic. He has since taken up a temporary research position within the UAB with the aim of tapping into the thriving biotech industry within Barcelona.

Dr Peter W Sutton - GlycoScience
Dr Jose Palacios - GlycoScience

Dr Jose Mª Palacios

J.M. Palacios graduated in Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza, Spain (1971), and earned a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1976). He received postdoctoral training at the Neurobiology Unit of the French Health and Medical Research Institute (INSERM) at the Sainte Anne Hospital in Paris working with Dr J.C. Schwartz on brain histamine receptors and later on at the Departments of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and Neuroscience of the Johns Hopkins Universtity, School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1987-1988 he spent a sabbatical leave at the Department of Physiology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, USA with Robert Lefkowitz, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012, working on the molecular biology of neurotransmitter receptors.

From 1981-1991 he was Head of Laboratory, Project Leader and Member of the Steering Committee of the Preclinical Research, Central Nervous System of Sandoz A.G. (now Novartis)

From September 1991 until December 2005, Dr Palacios served as Executive Director of Research and Development of Almirall.

Celso Clariana

Licenciado en Derecho por la Universidad de Navarra (1987) y MBA por el Instituto de Empresa de Madrid (1988). Especializado en estructuras organizativas y lanzamiento de nuevos productos en empresas multinacionales del sector consumo, como Fosforera Española o KP Foods, me he centrado desde hace unos años en la gestión de la empresa familiar del sector comercio. Actualmente compagino la dirección de la empresa familiar con el emprendimiento de proyectos comerciales en internet, así como en la asesoría organizativa de nuevos proyectos empresariales.

Celso Clariana - Glycoscience

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